Conquer Vertical Rush 2020

With 42 floors and 932 steps, Vertical Rush is the ultimate skyscraper challenge. Leave the city below as you reach the heights of London’s iconic Tower 42. The view from the top has never been better.

This year’s event took place on 14th March 2019. Soh Wai Ching took an impressive win on his Vertical Rush debut, in a time of 4:17. His impressive finish makes him the fourth fastest person to ever race the tower, with only Thomas Dold (3:58), Piotr Lobodzinski (3:59) and Fabio Ruga (4:11) having run faster in the 11 editions of the UK’s biggest stair race for the charity Shelter. See all of the 2019 results here.

On 12th March 2020 join over 1,000 runners stepping up for Shelter, make sure you select your wave time when you sign up (this is the time you’ll start the race), get your game face on, and leave the rest up to us!

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